PRP Autologous Serum Stem Cells and Its Advantages

news-1 PRP autologous serum stem cells (Platelet Rich Plasma) refer to blood cells Rich in platelets, Plasma or growth factors. People can use PRP technology to extract cells and plasma rich in high concentration platelets and various self growth factors from their own blood.

Including PDGF (platelet derived growth factor), VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), EGF (epidermal growth factor), TGF, FGF. PDGF can produce collagen, promote blood vessel growth and activate cell regeneration; VEGF can strongly repair tissues, produce collagen and stimulate hyaluronic acid; EGF can repair epithelial cells, accelerate blood vessel growth, and accelerate tissue repair; TGF can promote the repair and regeneration of vascular epithelial cells; FGF can stimulate new living cells and accelerate tissue repair.

These factors play an important role in promoting wound healing, cell proliferation and differentiation, and tissue formation. Previously, PRP was mainly used in surgery, cardiac surgery and burn department to cure large area burns, chronic ulcers, limb ulcers and other diseases that could not be cured before. PRP technology was first developed by Dr Robert Marx applied his research in oral surgery in 1998, which is the earliest recorded medical literature. In 2009, Tiger Woods, an American golfer, also received PRP treatment due to injuries.

Advantages of PRP Autologous Serum

1. There are many kinds of growth factors in PRP, and the proportion of each growth factor is consistent with the normal proportion in the body, so that there is the best synergy between growth factors, which to some extent makes up for the shortcomings of poor wound repair stimulated by a single growth factor.

2. The injury to patients is small and simple, which can effectively reduce medical costs and promote wound healing of patients.

3. PRP contains a large amount of fibrin, which provides a good scaffold for repairing cells. It can also shrink the wound surface, promote blood coagulation, stimulate soft tissue regeneration, promote early wound closure and prevent infection.

4. Because the sedimentation coefficient of white blood cells and monocytes is similar to that of platelets in the blood, PRP prepared by centrifugation also contains a large number of white blood cells and monocytes, which can better prevent infection.

5. PRP can be coagulated into gel with thrombin, which can not only bond the tissue defect, but also prevent the loss of platelets, so that platelets can secrete growth factor for a long time in the office, maintain a high concentration of growth factor, and avoid the defect that the liquid recombinant growth factor test agent widely used in clinical is easy to lose and evaporate in wounds.

Four Principles of Prp Autologous Serum Injection For Wrinkle Removal

1. PRP injection wrinkle removal is to collect venous blood, make autologous blood rich in high concentration growth factor through centrifugation and concentration of platelets, white blood cells and other production processes, and then inject it into the skin.

2. PRP injection wrinkle removal is to extract high concentration growth factor from self blood; Complete the refining process within 30 minutes; The high concentration of growth factor is rich in white blood cells, which greatly reduces the probability of infection; The entire skin structure can be completely repaired and reassembled only once.

3. PRP autologous blood rhytidectomy is the treatment of high concentration growth factor plasma produced by autologous blood without rejection. It has passed the certification of European CE, SQS and health departments in most European countries soon after its birth, and has been widely used in many countries to ensure the safety of its treatment.

4. PRP non-invasive medical beauty treatment is to collect the beauty seeker's own venous blood, and make autologous plasma rich in high concentration of growth factors through centrifugation and concentration of platelets, white blood cells and other production processes. PRP injection beauty solution is injected into the skin through the dermal superficial injection method. Multiple kinds of autologous growth factors can penetrate into the entire skin tissue, adjust the full structure of the skin, and repair aging and damaged skin tissue, So as to improve the skin texture, tighten and enhance the facial skin, reduce wrinkles and sunken scars, restore the young state of the skin, and delay the aging of the skin.

Post time: Feb-06-2023