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Self repair artifact With the growth of age, the self repair function of skin cells decreases; With the influence of ultraviolet ray, pollution, pressure and other factors, the skin cells are damaged, and the original regeneration ability is lost. The aging symptoms such as wrinkles, pores, and spots emerge early, and the skin is no longer young.

To thoroughly improve aging skin, it is necessary to activate the infinite rejuvenation power of cells. PRP autologous serum rejuvenation surgery uses its own stem cells to miraculously repair and regenerate the function and appearance of each cell of the skin, induce youth, realize the infinite possibility of autologous stem cells, and open the era of skin "rejuvenation".

What is the principle of PRP? PRP autologous serum, also known as autologous cell growth factor, is to extract a small amount of own blood, extract a high concentration of active growth factor using the patented technology of Mycells, and conduct activation culture to produce a high concentration serum rich in blood and growth factors, maximize the activity of blood cells, and then inject it into the dermal tissue of the skin to repair damaged cells, while comprehensively regulating and regenerating the entire skin layer, This will increase the content of collagen and elastic fiber in the skin, repair the damaged skin, and finally achieve the effect of "time reversal".

Why can PRP autologous serum rejuvenate skin?

1. PDGF (blood derived growth factor) produces collagen, promotes blood vessel growth, and activates cell regeneration.

2. VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) can repair tissues, produce collagen, and stimulate hyaluronic acid.

3. EGF (epidermal growth factor) repairs epithelial cells, accelerates blood vessel growth, and accelerates tissue repair.

4. TGF promotes the repair and regeneration of vascular epithelial cells.

5. FGF stimulates new living cells and accelerates tissue repair.

One injection brings six perfect transformations

1. Rapid support and wrinkle filling PRP is rich in more than ten kinds of growth factors, which can immediately smooth wrinkles after being injected into the superficial dermis. At the same time, the high concentration of platelets rich in PRP can quickly stimulate the production of a large number of collagen, elastic fibers and glia, so as to achieve the purpose of powerfully removing wrinkles.

2. Rapid improvement of skin active factor can accelerate and promote the establishment of skin microcirculation, thus accelerating metabolism, comprehensively improving skin texture and color, and making skin more white, delicate and shiny.

3. When PRP is injected into the skin, powerful growth factors will promote tissue regeneration and have special effects on concave scars. The lip filling effect is also perfect.

4. It can repel the establishment of facial microcirculation of pigmented spots and accelerate skin metabolism, promote the skin to discharge a large amount of toxins by itself, and effectively improve pigmentation, sunburn, erythema, chloasma and other pigmented spots.

5. Saving allergic skin If you continue to use PRP for treatment, it will change the original stress system of the skin and effectively improve the allergic skin.

6. Bring about continuous improvement of PRP, which can promote the growth and rearrangement of multiple skin tissues, so as to comprehensively improve the skin state and continuously delay aging.

PRP solve the following 7 problems

1. Remove wrinkles: forehead lines, Sichuan character lines, crow's feet lines, fine lines around the eyes, nasal back lines, decree lines, mouth wrinkles, neck lines;

2. Improve flabbiness: lift the face, improve the flabbiness, roughness and dullness of facial skin;

3. Tissue regeneration: fill the sunken scar caused by trauma and acne;

4. Whitening and freckle removing: improve pigmentation, pigment change (stain), sunburn, erythema, chloasma after inflammation

5. Shrink pores: pores are large and capillaries dilate;

6. Remove eye bags and dark circles;

7. Lip filling and facial tissue loss.

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Post time: Mar-17-2023